The wood bowls and carved wood chests come from the Swat valley in Pakistan’s North-West Frontier, an area with dense forests of deodar pine covering the steep mountain slopes, renowned for its wood carving.

Mosques, shops and houses have carved door jambs, sills, lintels and pillars and carving even extends to houshold items such as wood chests with sliding panels for storing clothing and bedding as well as wooden bowls and plates.

The bowls are made from mulberry, pine and walnut and served as kitchen utensils.  They were used for mixing flour to make ‘Nan’ the local bread, serving rice and meat or as a container for collecting milk.  The underside of the plates and bowls were smoothed by means of an adze.  These wooden bowls, once prized possessions, are now extremely difficult to find.  Both bowls and plates make excellent containers for fruit.

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