Harriet stocks a range of Oriental Carpets, rugs and Kilims from Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey in all shapes and sizes as well as camel bags, grain sacks, tent decorations and kilims. Carpets larger than 9′ x 12′ (2.74 x 3.70m) are not stocked but if you are looking for a certain type of carpet or a large size for a particular room, then every effort will be made to find what you want.

Most of the carpets and rugs are contemporary and come from Afghanistan.  These are hand-knotted using wool of excellent quality (obtained from Ghazni  province near Khandahar) and are dyed using natural dye products such as wild delphinium, madder, walnut and pistachio.  The colours are beige, pale yellow, madder and indigo blue.  These carpets are often referred to as ‘Chobi’s’ the Farsi word for wood indicating  that the wool has been dyed using plant roots, or ‘Zeiglers’ after the Manchester based German company Zeigler & Co who designed rugs with muted colours for the western market in 1883.  Nomadic rugs, particularly the Baluch and Turkoman have a more limited palette of colours, dark red being the most common.  This is because during the migration across the harsh Steppes and deserts of Central Asia and Afghanistan, few dye stuffs are available to the nomads other than madder.

The stock of carpets is always changing so if you don’t see what you are looking for on one of your visits, you may well find it on the next!

Please take a look at my Carpets, Rugs and Kilims.